question concerning hiding/expanding methods in IDE MT4

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danik 2015.07.27 13:41

Hello guys, whick IDE do you use? I use regular metaeditor with MT4, it looks more comfortable than Scintilla (SciTE) because of a large number of reasons. But SciTE has a very convenient opportunity to press "View -> Fold margin" and some part of text becomes hide/expanded if pressing + or - sign. here is picture to show what I mean.SciTE hide

as can be seen in line 341 - text is expanded (to hide press -) and text is compressed in line 344(11 rows, pressing + will show them). it would be very nice to hide large parts of text and jump between the other two-three methods that I make corrections in. I know I can use ListOfFunctions (Alt+M) but hiding would be much easier. Is it possible to hide/expand code in MT4 editor? thank you in advance.

Ovo 2015.07.27 17:00 #

Well, I came here because I was curious what you call an IDE.

The answer is no, as the Metaeditor is not an IDE, but rather a Notepad with syntax highlighting and a limited code parser/intellisense.

danik 2015.07.28 09:24 #
it's pity. thank you
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