Different result from MODE_STOPLEVEL in Live-Trading and StrategyTester

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gogcam 2015.07.16 13:01


I'm having the following problem on all of my brokers with demo account (don't know about real account, right now I only use demo accounts):

When I attach my EA to a Live-Trading-Chart, the following function returns 1 (what is correct and I can do orders with 1 Point Entry/SL difference).

MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_STOPLEVEL)

When I run my EA in the StrategyTester, I get 30 and when EA executes OrderSend(), it really has this limitation.

Can you tell me why there is this difference between Live-Trading und StrategyTester and how I can change it to 1 Point also in StrategyTester?

Best Regards
gogcam 2015.07.16 16:21 #
If another one has this problem, it's because of Tickstory. There is an export setting where you can set stop level. By default it's 30.
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