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t4fast 2015.07.03 09:29

 Hi all, 

i have the following code,

it used to work, but no Symbolleverage() is not available , 

I have checked this page ,  , nothing is there. 

I don't want account leverage, 

Broker sometimes changes leverage on specific Symbol, and I want to capture that.  

please help.  

int start()


   int   CalculatedLeverage=SymbolLeverage();   // Leverage for CHFJPY is set to 100:1

   Alert("Leverage for ",Symbol()," is set at ",CalculatedLeverage,":1");             






honest_knave 2015.07.03 09:38 #

SymbolLeverage() is a custom function. A quick google search reveals its origins here.

In a nutshell, make sure that you have the relevant .mqh file and make sure it compiles under the latest build.

Hope that helps 

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