Latest Information About Decompiling .EX4 Files Please!

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kula 2015.08.09 18:23 #

I'm really curious about this too.

We need the opinion from pro hackers.

Last few months I paid a freelancer to decompile a code (my code, to see if there's a potential for people to do it)

He swore he knew how to do it.  Well, I was Punkd.

(I paid him before he started "working on it") Lol. 

In any case, it would be extremely rare to find someone who can do it. 


~ is there a way to possibly... encrypt your EAs like it is done in the Markets? 

4evermaat 2015.08.19 07:15 #

One possible workaround to this problem might be to have a DLL file located on a server and the indicator or EA call from the server. The end user would

not have all of the code, just enough to get the indicator or EA to work properly. I will be posting a message about this option, which seems

to be the only way to keep the working code out of the hands of thieves.

Thanks again for everyone's feedback.

Yes, I am familiar with that strategy.  It introduces new problems (mainly latency), but the idea is that the user never has the complete code.  There is always a critical piece stored remotely and then the part that the user has must access the remote server to receive the calculations for the EA to run properly. the code.

For trading, it would have to be co-located.

But the local DLL option is still good for protecting the intellectual property.  Takes a lot of work to disassemble a dll and reassemble it to get source.

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