mt4 error code

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betty 2015.06.26 08:59
hi dear all,

is there any one can help me figure out why i can't close order on mt4? 
and it shows error code: EAQ WARNING: failed to close ticket #xxxxxx.....
what happened?
do appreciate if anyone can answer :)
GumRai 2015.06.26 13:15 #
You have an EA that has not been coded by a competent person
JD4 2015.06.27 07:01 #

If you are not a programmer, and this is not a programming question, if you look at the terminal window on your trading platform, you can select the trade button within there, and on the column labeled Profit, there is an X icon on the right side.  Click that, and that will probably ask you some questions, but can let you close the order.

Alternatively, I believe if you right click within the order line, it opens a window that will let you close the order.  At least that is how it works in MT5.  I do not currently have any open orders on my MT4 platform.

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