CopyRates incorrect last bar.

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Pierrez 2015.06.19 10:21

When I use the copyrates-function, the last bar has a different time then the time on the chart.

How is this possible? And how can i fix this that I can be sure that I always get the latest candle?



mql5 2015.06.19 13:05 #
Please show your code and results (e.g. logs).
WHRoeder 2015.06.19 16:16 #
  1. There are no mind readers here and we can't see your code.
  2. CopyRates copies the data, you have to call it every tick. Did you set your array AsSeries? Did you handle 4066?
  3. ArrayCopyRates(MqlRates) doesn't copy the data, it redirects access to the internal buffer, and will be up to date (after you handle 4066).
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