replacing chart vertical price scale by BRN

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kayak 2015.06.08 21:03

Hi forum members

I'm searching for a solution to replace the confusing MT4 chart price scale using rather big round numbers.

However I couldn't find anything about this subject and I conclude this hasn't been required by other traders yet?


On this site I found ID "Chart scale" under

and I was wondering if this might be the solution? I'm not a coder and I've got no clue about how to get around

this. It would be awesome if someone could help!


Thanks a lot


kayak 2015.06.09 10:17 #

Thanks for the hint WHRoeder - I checked your link and it seems they're talking about an indicator?

Anyhow I'll post my question over there. I didn't stop searching the web for a solution but it really

seems nobody else needed help about this feature yet.



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