ObjectCreate() enumeration missunderstanding?

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renzbub 2015.06.05 13:53

Why is it that within ObjectCreate() parameters when I set enumeration OBJ_TREND it understands anchor points okay and draws the line correctly like so

void OnInit() 
   // Finding 1st highest high on price (3 bars back)
   int highest1 = iHighest(NULL,0,MODE_HIGH,2,0);  
   double highestHigh1 = High[highest1];
   datetime time1 = iTime(NULL,0,highest1);       
   // Finding previous 2nd highest high on price  (starts 9 bars back to 20)
   int highest2 = iHighest(NULL,0,MODE_HIGH,100,3); 
   double highestHigh2 = High[highest2];  
   datetime time2 = iTime(NULL,0,highest2);      

but when I use enumeration OBJ_TRENDBYANGLE it always makes the angle 0 and is therefore not reading the anchor points?

WHRoeder 2015.06.05 14:42 #
Create the object with one coordinate, then set the angle like the example shows. OBJ_TRENDBYANGLE - MQL4 Documentation

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