Faster and Simpler Purchase of Robots from the Market

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MetaQuotes 2015.06.03 14:22
Now, you can buy any Market application in a single step directly from your MetaTrader 4/5 terminal without registration. Simply click Buy and select the preferred payment method.

Faster and Simpler Purchase of Robots from the Market

Then you will be redirected to the payment system web page to complete your purchase. PayPal, WebMoney, Neteller or a bank card - you can choose how to pay for your purchases from the store of ready-made robots and indicators.

After making a purchase, we still recommend that you register an account on, so that your purchased product is automatically linked to your account. An MQL5 account enables you to update the product and install it on multiple computers. Besides, an account gives you access to a plethora of other services for the MetaTrader platforms such as trading signals for copying deals of successful traders, virtual hosting for continuous operation of your applications and Freelance for ordering unique robots from developers.

Now, you know the quickest and easiest way to obtain a trading robot. More than 5 000 various MetaTrader applications are already waiting for you in the Market - simply choose and buy!

nerd-fold_12 2015.06.13 10:41 #
can there be any kind of fraud which can take place in the purchasing or selling !!???
SurtiTrader 2015.07.12 09:07 #
This is a great tool for the purchasing and selling from the market. But I do believe that manual purchasing is still better than using this application.
Ben-gold 2015.07.17 15:16 #
I really am not comfortable with these automated systems. I trust my dealer and manual investing is what make this market exciting. But don't get me wrong. I am not against these systems. These are actually superb. I know some people who are making good money with such systems.
johnkalt 2015.08.18 09:55 #
i have personaly used "robotic trading system" which is very good for giving good indications .. and its worths alot
Exness 2015.08.21 05:02 #
This is really important.....
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