Periodconverter script is wrong

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ggekko 2015.05.22 17:47

Hi guys,

I wanted to generate an offline chart (by the original PeriodConverter script) that is equal with the donor one. For example: EURUSD,H4 >> EURUSD,M57 (this came from EURUSD,H4 by InpPeriodMultiplier=1).

I used H4 chart as donor instead of M1.

I found that there is a missing bar (index 1). Current bar (index=0) is OK, index=1 misses, index=2 is OK and all others are OK too.

Modified converter is attached (only modification is the change of the name of offline chart to M57).

I hope you understand my problem and can help.


Attached files:
  periodconverter_mod.mq4  (6.06 KB)
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