Optimiser consistency

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ejjcb1 2015.05.16 03:36


I wonder if other people are having the same sorts of inconsistent results that I have, or am I not using the optimiser correctly? (I'm new to this activity).

I have 3 pairs of EA parameters, which I've called TP/SL, ma1/ma2 and p/q, and to get an optimised set I've optimised TP/SL and ma1/ma2 first, and  then ma1/ma2 with p/q. As a final check I optimised  the 3 pairs together. I also tried optimising TP/SL and p/q.

So there were 4 runs of the optimiser, and I got 4 quite different results. It would seem I am not using the Optimiser correctly.

From the many articles I have read about how to optimise, it seemed to be a simple process, but I have found it not to be so.

Could someone help me with this, point me in the correct direction?




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