Multiple MT4 instances on one VPS?

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ozzymandius 2015.04.28 06:56

I am new to MT4 (but not trading). I just signed up with 3 different brokers for FOREX trading, all of whouse MT4.


I am hoping someone can help me with these rudimentary questions:


  1. Can I run three different broker accounts using three instances of MT4 all from the same VPS? Or should I get 3 separate VPS and install one MT4 on each?
  2. Do I have to download MT4 from each broker site? Or can I just download from and enter broker account info?
  3. What is the recommended VPS specs (RAM, CPU, HD) to run MT4 smoothly, assuming I will be scalping with dozens of orders every few minutes? 
  4. What is the best recommended VPS provider? (My brokers are,,


Any input much appreciated! 


WHRoeder 2015.04.28 15:23 #
  1. Why not
  2. You should. Each broker download initializes broker specific data.
  3. Anything that runs
  4. Do your own research.
ozzymandius 2015.04.28 21:41 #

Thanks for the feedback.

1.  I was concerned that running multiple MT4s on one PC might lead to them interfering with each other somehow. Been testing multiple instances now for a few hours and I don't see any issues so far. 

2. Thanks. That is helpful. I will download MT4 from each broker

3. Obviously. But the question was about *recommended specs*, given my intended trading frequency. Question still stands for any experienced traders who are willing to chime in. 

4. Yes, I am already doing my own research to search for VPS services. But it certainly doesn't hurt to ask experienced traders for their best recommendations, so I don't waste time and money with sub par services. So the question still stands, should anyone wish to suggest the best VPS services

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