size of Low, High, Open, Close arrays

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porschecollec 2015.04.26 14:48

i ran my EA on a computer, and i saw that the size of the tables (Low, High, Open, Close), that i use to compute some statistics is 101. ok. On another computer on which i work now, i print the size by using  ArrayRange function, and i obtain 12. It is very few for statistis. But on ths graphic, i see a lot of time Bars (M5). Maybe about hundred or more. When a new bar starts, the size of Low increment by one unity. How to control it, to have a bigger size at start of backtest ? it must depend of environment, but, how ? i don' find explaination.

Could somebody help on this subject ?

 --- Jean ---

WHRoeder 2015.04.27 15:24 #
The tester guarantees a minimum of 100 bars at start of test. Set start of test forward from your oldest history entry.
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