Checking the initializing a class thru a parametric constructor

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amir_avatar 2015.04.18 19:14

When using a parametric constructor, what is your way of validating the constructor finished ok and the parameters satisfy the class business terms?

A constructor has no return parameters, how do you check if it finished ok and in case it didn't, what do you do?

If you don't use an Initialize method, can you think of a nice way to handle success or failure of such class initiailization?

thx (:
WHRoeder 2015.04.18 20:17 #
In C++ you'd throw an exception, can't in Mt4. Either save a status and return it in a IsValid method, or use SetUserError/ResetLastError - MQL4 Documentation
amir_avatar 2015.04.18 22:18 #
Thanks WHRoeder, nice answer
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