Has anyone had this happen to them?

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Yellowbeard 2015.03.10 14:31
  Yesterday morning, I was working on a EA, when all of a sudden, the trade that was opened, had a TP, when one wasn't entered.  I thought that maybe I had accidently entered one when I was working on the EA.  So I deleted it.  Later, in the afternoon,  I was working on a modified version of the EA I had been working on, in the morning,  I had renamed it, so that I can go back to the earlier version if the later version doesn't work out.  The EA had opened a buy order and a short time after, I noticed a sell limit order was placed at a price above my buy order and with a lot size 5 times the size of the lot size of the buy.  What struck me, was the lot size of the limit order was the lot size, of the earlier EA, that I was working on.  I went to Metatraders log folder and found that at each incident, connection was lost, ( though I didn't notice. ) a ping came to my computer from external source and then the event occured.  First modifying my first order then same events in the afternoon when the limit order was opened.  I opened the Log file in the MQL folder and there was no record of either events.  After checking out the log files, I tried to shut down Metatrader and had a difficult time.  When I shut my computer down, it wouldn't shut down until background programs that were runing were forced to shut down.  It seemed as though someone else was in my computer.  I am using a demo account, to work on the EA, that I set up directly through Metatrader's site, years ago.   I've noticed that the demoserver is through a broker that I have a live account with, now.  Just wanted to know if anyone has had situations like this happen to them before.    
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