WineBottler MT4 Mac _____ Getting .ex4 into experts folder

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BeLikeWater 2015.03.09 01:12

Dear members:

I have a client that I have sent an EA, but he is using WineBottler for Windows compability, and he is having difficulties to run the .ex4 Anyone knows how he can put the .ex4 file into the experts folder?

Thank you!


gooly 2015.03.09 08:04 #
Could be a problem of OS-access rights - but I don't know whether Wine manages them differently to Liunx.
WHRoeder 2015.03.09 14:24 #
Is he placing it in the correct place? Data Structure in MetaTrader 4 Build 600 and Higher - MQL4 Articles 17.02.2014
BeLikeWater 2015.03.09 18:09 #

Yes he is using "Open Data Folder" from mt4 to find the right experts folder, it has to do something with MAC OS X, and how he handles windows files and folders. I know it is possible but I still dont know how. I dont have an idea of MAC OS X and Wine btw..

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