Which langage is better for transition to MQL

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alekio 2015.02.23 15:21

I want to know which programming is better for transition into MQL 4 territory – VB, C# or C++?

I have a hobby for programming and I have some time and don’t know which language to choose with the goal to transition toward MQL?

Thanks in advance.

WHRoeder 2015.02.23 15:38 #

C++ is the closest but
//| Mql4 is like C++ except: no typedefs or namespaces, no pointers  |
//| to POD, no operator(), operator*, or operator->, no implicit     |
//| conversions (operator bool), no templated classes, no Koenig     |
//| lookup, can't return references, no dynamic cast, no exceptions, |
//| no class friends, no multiple inheritance. Can't use template    |
//| <class X...> must be template <typename x...>. f(const T&){}     |
//| f(123) or f( f2() ) doesn't compile (Build 765.) Must have a     |
//| actual variable. Structures must be passed by reference.         |

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