Transfer EA to New MT Using same Magic Number

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luke1438 2015.02.13 20:05

Is it possible to move an EA from one computer to another computer using the same MT4 version and inputting the magic numbers so that the EA continues to execute the open orders according to the EA?  I want to transfer my EA's to another computer but do not want to close out my existing positions or have to manually set stops and profit orders on the new computer; is this possible by inputting the same magic numbers on the new computer?  Will the EA continue to work on the existing open orders?



honest_knave 2015.02.13 20:46 #

That will depend entirely on how well the EA has been coded.

It might be reliant upon stored variables etc and therefore unable to pick up where it left off without that information.

Or it may have been coded to recover itself in such circumstances.

WHRoeder 2015.02.13 23:01 #
honest_knave: That will depend entirely on how well the EA has been coded.

EA's must be coded to recover - accidental terminal shutdown, power glitch, BSOD, etc.

If it was, it will get the currently open tickets, under its magic number and resume.

If it wasn't, no.

Does it write a checkpoint file, does it create Global Variables, does it create objects on chart for recovery? All possibilities.

luke1438 2015.02.14 00:30 #

Thanks guys - I appreciate your help.


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