Open Bar Only Testing with imported data

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gangsta1 2015.02.10 23:59
I have downloaded hst data for required pair and imported it via the history center. It shows up there and I can backtest with it fine using every tick mdelling (verify this with visual mode). I know this is working as my broker does not supply the data for this pair pre 2013 and tick testing on my data is working. However, when I choose the method "open prices only", the data doesnt seem to be used. In visual mode there is no data shown either. Any ideas why? Have I missed an important step somewhere along the line? I am connected to my broker at all times. Data is hourly csv.
gooly 2015.02.11 10:04 #

You only can use symbols your broker where you are logged in provides!

If you rename the dld. hst file (delete any chart with this symbol don't forget to delete it afterwards) make sure that the various symbol coefficients do match: Digits, TickValue, .... (I haven't tried that - so no guaranty that this works!)

gangsta1 2015.02.11 12:17 #
Thanks Gooly. My broker does provide the symbols and about 1 year of history data. I just cant seem to test OPEN PRICES ONLY on my data even though I have imported it in the correct format confirmed by it working when doing a EVERY TICK test. I will find another broker to test on who actually has data for required pairs accessible from the history center.
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