connexion to a broker

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porschecollec 2015.02.04 22:30


i started a few ago on  MT4. previous steps were a lot, the last one was to install MT4 platform under PlayOnLinux. All seemed to work correctly.

Now i want to test some EA on the platform. It seems to be dedicated for that, using button "start' on lower rigth. But i receive only a strange "beep". No graphics, nothing.

I think it is because MT4 must be connected to a broker, then data must be downloaded. But when i try to connect to some demo account, nothing change. The worse is with OANDA, i even don't know which server must be entered in the dedicated field of the connect window.

Cold somebody explain me how to connect to a broker ? or is it a bug on MT4/PlayOnLinux/Mageia ? i ty to understand, but i find no way to study this problem.


 --- Jean ---

gooly 2015.02.05 10:48 #
You can use the terminal to open a demo account (terminal->Navigator->Accounts(right mouse click), you just have to enter the name and press on scan..
porschecollec 2015.02.07 12:29 #

So you think that previously existing demo account cannot be connected ? i will try another one.

in the window you say are "AlpariUK-Demo-Market" and "OANDA-GM-5-Practice", both with on their left the driving symbol "prohibited way", and a third line "open a new account" with on left a cross embedded in green. if you could give an advice about which broker should works, i would try with.


 --- jean ---

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