MT4 in Portable mode only allow history from server back to 2012.....but in normal mode is goes back to 2009

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tentrade001 2015.01.04 00:32

Hi Guys.

I often run MT4 in portable mode for ease of copying/moving installations . However, I recently discovered this difference.


When I run MT4 in normal mode, and then request as much history from the broker server as possible, it goes all the way back to 2009, but when I do the same thing in portable mode, it will only get server data going back to 2012.


Why is this? What is going on? How can I make it get the whole history when it is in portable mode? 

gooly 2015.01.04 14:08 #
Are there different fxt-files in the different tester\history-folders?
tentrade001 2015.01.08 06:07 #
No. There is nothing in the tester folders because I haven't used the tester. I simply scroll the live chart as far back as possible..
gooly 2015.01.08 10:54 #

May be that helps (I've never tried it, so I don't know. Mt4 might rewrite them?) - but only if the hst-files in common and /portable are from the same broker due possible different time-shift, dst..!!

1) Shut down your mt4

2) Save the files in history in /portable's history folder

3) copy the hst-files in history from the the common to the /portable

4) start mt4 and check.

5) post here whether it has worked or not.

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