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daveids9317 2015.01.04 00:14

Hi all and Happy new year,

I hope you can help with this, I'm trying to install metatrader (demo account) for backtesting data from tickstory. I have to run MT4 from an external hard drive, I've deleted metatrader, installed to the hard drive and unchecked the launch on completion check box so I can edit the start terminal (and metaeditor) shortcut to exe" /portable, the terminal is being run as an administrator and there is no security on the folders. When I launch for the first time from the modified shortcut metatrader still creates a "Meta Quotes" folder on the C drive in the normally hidden AppData / Roaming folders (actually it's there from the install despite unchecking c drive but is replaced if deleted). MT4 is using the history and testing folders on the C drive, I know this as data (fst hst files) are only used if placed in the C drive folders.

Can anyone please tell me how to get metatrader to ignore the C drive altogether and run entirely from the installation folders on my external drive?

Thanks in advance.


PS the UAC function is disabled
contrails 2016.03.31 08:42 #


any success doing so, I am considering the same? 

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