MQL4 Ranked Among the Most Popular Programming Languages by TIOBE

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MetaQuotes 2014.12.09 08:40

We are glad to announce that MQL4 language has been included into TIOBE Programming Community Index for December 2014. This is a monthly indicator of the popularity of programming languages prepared by the Netherlands-based company TIOBE Software BV since 2001.

MQL4 Ranked Among the Most Popular Programming Languages by TIOBE

This is an important event for the automated trading, as entering the reputable and independent TIOBE rating proves that the MQL4 language for developing trading strategies is popular among developers from around the world. Entering the Index is not an easy task, since the candidates need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Turing completeness - a language should be algorithmically complete

  2. availability of a Wikipedia entry devoted to this language

  3. large number of "MQL4 programming" requests on the most popular websites such as Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Bing, Baidu and others

Besides, TIOBE rating also takes into account the number of language specialists, existing courses, third-party vendors supporting the language and the amount of code indexed by search engines. The rating calculation method is described in details here.

We congratulate all MQL4 programmers and Expert Advisor developers on this event!

4evermaat 2015.01.09 04:25 #

Despite the disagreement that I've had about some of the initial mt4 b600+ forced changes, mt4 has been and still is an acceptable platform to program automated trading strategies for forex for the masses of retail traders. I do give you credit for making algo trading accessible to the masses, including our team at AwarenessForex.  The b600+ improvements are overall much needed, with some added bloat.

Perhaps you can focus on improving the round-turn trade times, including the max orders that can be opened or closed simultaneously under 1 symbol.  Also avoid the temtation to bloat the terminal too much.  Not everyone wants magazines, books, articles, news, etc.  Also, allow 3rd party data importing for tick data.  And perhaps allow batch running of strategy tester where a user can add a strategy .set file and symbol to a batch list and then the strategy runner can run it and auto-save the results html file.

Perhaps mt6 should build on the success of mt4, instead of trying to force-change the coding like you would on mt5 (and remove importing of 3rd party data).

2cent 2015.01.13 16:07 #

 TIOBE rating proves that the MQL4language for developing trading strategies is popular among developersfrom around the world.

No I do not think so.

It is simply that developers have no choice, do they?

There are only few brokers that offer alternative platforms, so, mt4 (or mql4) is "popular" by the will of brokers and nothing else. 

Besides that, mql4 is only a programming tool in the context of mt4 (and not a programming language)..

Apparently MetaQuotes cannot enforce the change to mt5/mql5, which is way better (only those legions of noobs do not know), fearing the loss of "market position"; same fate as the likes of Microsoft (windows) and Intel (x86), who are bound forever to their bad tech by the force of backwards compatibility (aka backward minds).




deysmacro 2015.01.14 18:51 #
Well, if you work for MQ, you would not dare say this. Same like if you work for MS.
mql_4 2015.01.27 16:47 #

Here is a insight about MQL4.

MQL4 (MetaQuotes Language 4) integrated programming languages designed for developing trading robots, technical market indicators, scripts and function libraries.Capabilities of MQL4 directly address traders' needs and requirements. It was developed for writing trading programs and is used only for that purpose. Functions for performing trade operations OrderSend(), OrderClose(), OrderCloseBy(), OrderModify(), OrderDelete() have been initially incorporated in the language and are used for changing the state of a trading account.
MetaQuotes 2015.02.05 13:54 #

In December 2014, we announced the inclusion of the MQL4 language into TIOBE Programming Community Index. MQL4 started from the 118th position out of more than 250 languages.

In January, the language entered the Top 100 after the Index update. This clearly indicates that the language for programming trading strategies becomes more popular among developers all over the world.

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