Does EAs run on offline Charts?

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PlanandTrade 2014.12.04 22:48


i have create a Renko Offline Chart and i am wondering why a EA does not show me infos which i write into "Comment()" function, does the EAs dont run on offline charts, or do i make somethink wrong?

gooly 2014.12.04 22:57 #

I have never worked with offline chart - but have you searched here:

or have you googleg for mt4 offline chart or Renko-chart - ho many have been asking again and again the same questions :(

I am sure you would have found lot's of examples...

PlanandTrade 2014.12.04 23:03 #

Yes i have look of course, but you also know maybe that many post are few years old and everybody say somethink other.

I have see that somebody did say use a script with endless loop instead of EA and some other people say it work on them with normal EA.

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