How can I see number of pips loss or gain in mt4 strategy tester report?

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saeedahmed 2014.12.04 21:51

HI , I am back testing an expert on strategy tester. The report shows me Net Profit  of -545 I can not understand that it is 545 money or 545 pips? If this is 545 dollor so please tell me how can I see the number of pips in the strategy tester report?


saeedahmed 2014.12.05 14:07 #

OK May be my question sounds funny, but I realy need to know about this. Can any body here suggest me any site to learn about strategy tester in detail. For my example what is Gross Profit and What is Expected Payoff etc?


And My Regards For You...

(And Always close your Trades if stoploss was hit) 

gooly 2014.12.05 15:05 #

Just Google or search here:

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