test MT4 EA's through cloud network

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ivand21 2014.11.26 05:10

Hi everybody,

Can someone tell me if there is any way to test MT4 experts in cloud network?

MT5 strategy tester is very powerful... especially for multicurrency tests and cloud network... and my problem is not translate mql4 to mql5, but is the history and only single cpu-core utilize.

So, many times optimizations are very very long time.

My great problem is history, especially for tick method tests, since tick generation is random (in MT5... while in MT4 i can use my .fxt files). So, I would like use my history and my .fxt file/s (tick files), that I also can check in history center... in MT4 I can do all these things, while in MT5 this is not possible and I must use its unknown history and especially I must use random generation of ticks.

So, how above, someone know a method for test MT4 experts in cloud network, in order to speed up them optimizations?

I'm very thankful if someone can tell me the way.

Sorry for my English, I hope that you understood how about.

Thank everybody.


ivand21 2014.11.26 16:46 #
There isn't a way to do how above?
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