Question about AutoTrading

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andrzej91 2014.11.17 09:47
How long does this function work, when I press AutoTrading how long is it supposed to work until I have to click it again? Or it doesn't work that way? Because in my MT4 it sometimes turns off (I think it's after 24h usually). If it turns off, then is there an option to turn it on so that it stays on as long as I decide to stop it myself?
deysmacro 2014.11.17 10:13 #
It is based on user click only and will stay that way either on or off. I never had it is switched on or off by itself.
honest_knave 2014.11.17 10:24 #

It is probably being turned off because of your settings here:


deysmacro 2014.11.17 10:27 #
Must be the third options there.
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