How to Add a time stamp?

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creep01 2014.10.29 04:01
I have these conditions that if it is there on M5, I set it to hit a switch. Then when M1 hits the same conditions, a popup alert will come out with a sound.

How do I code it that the indicator takes down the time M5 hit the conditions, and if possible how do I add 30 minutes to that? (and display that on the popup)

I'm new to coding thanks so much guys :)
GumRai 2014.10.29 04:30 #

Save TimeCurrent() + (30*60) in a global variable ie. gv

Then check for when TimeCurrent() >=gv

Use TimeToStr(gv) to print in the alert 

creep01 2014.10.31 04:23 #
Thank you!
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