Is it possible to have same currency pair with different EA which have different trailing stops in same account?

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orangutangas1 2014.10.09 18:50

I have 2 different EA's running in same account on EUR/JPY.

One strategy uses 5pips trailing stop, another 20 pips.

 But when the trade on EURJPY is triggered    i get that smaller 5pips trailing stop on that trade where it should be 20 pips as Trailing stop uses select orders function to find the symbol that matches the trade. So is it possible to create different trailing stop function that will stick particularly to EA and won;t search opened trade in select order function?

gooly 2014.10.09 18:57 #
Just use and check different MagicNumbers for each strategy (or use the ticket numbers).
orangutangas1 2014.10.10 06:50 #
Thank you sir
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