IsDemo() ???

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FrenchyTrader 2014.09.30 22:49


I'm running an EA on Demo account where server is Pepperstone-Demo02

I got weird EA logic so I printed it:

   if(IsDemo()) Print("I work at a demo account");
  else Print("I work at a real account");

It prints "I work at a real account"

This is annoying me a lot.

At least, when I connect to a live Account... it doesn't print I'm on Demo.

Please help

gooly 2014.10.01 00:11 #
Ask you broker..
FrenchyTrader 2014.10.01 01:07 #
Ask you broker..

Thank you...

I got my answer then:


OK it looks like that account is set to be a permanent demo account, in which case we must change the account type - this would result in it saying it is a live account rather than demo, but ti is not linked to a live server so not to worry.


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