Problem MetaTrader 4 Android version

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Nizam8205 2014.09.29 14:04

Dear MetaTrader 4 support Service,

I've installed Meta Trader 4 android version on my mobile phone. I've a few acc in different broker. The problem is: if i viewing Broker A, then i want change to view my acc in Broker B, there is no "account" menu but it directly appear "New Order" menu for buy/sell  when i touch a menu button. Kindly MetaTrader 4 support service can help me on this matter. Im using Asus Zenfone 5 and previously there is no problem. It happened by since 29. Sept 2014. I've uninstall and install again but a result is still same. I hope Meta Trader technical service or anybody can help me on this. Thanks. 

angevoyageur 2014.09.29 15:50 #

Support service is there : how to contact Service Desk.

Here it's a public forum.

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