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proigrac 2014.09.17 17:39

Is it possible to earn with this? I am not sure this is spam or legit? If someone has some info about this he could reply.

<link removed by moderator>

GumRai 2014.09.17 20:09 #
I am sure that your post is spam. I am not going to click on your link to find out!
Agent86 2014.09.17 20:21 #
It's a forex blog and content site that has so many variable topics from strategies to stocks and bonds the question has no relevance to anything in particular

In short I would say NO you cannot make money with this because there no focus on any particular subject.
It's like asking if you can make money from a website that blogs about various topics of trading in general.

Nothing of interest for me as a weekend coder
I don't know if this is spam since it's such a generic content site.

Happy blogging.

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