Account leverage is not updating in terminal....

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4evermaat 2014.09.11 06:13

I have a situation with a broker's terminal where the broker will adjust the leverage on their end but it will not update visibly on the mt4 terminal.  So my indicators and ea will continue to show the old leverage.  I ended up re-logging in and then suddenly the indicators updated instantly with the new leverage.

But if a different account-related activity is performed, like deposits or withdrawals, it is instantly updated on the terminal.  Account leverage should be similar, correct?  I shouldn't have to do anything different in order for the leverage to update automatically on the terminal.

I also used this script to test if after changing the leverage from the broker client area, if the client was updating it (although my indicators/eas have the leverage function, I wanted to double-check with a different indicator.  it was written for the old version of mql4, so I am only listing the compiled version. 


here is the code for that script:


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  accountdetails.ex4  (4.44 KB)
4evermaat 2014.09.18 23:03 #
MQ acknowledges this bug but will not fix it.  :sigh:
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