string to date

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kum01049 2014.08.30 08:59

 got stuck in comparing the string to date with current date time.


 int YY=TimeYear(  Time[0]);   // Year

         int MN=TimeMonth( Time[0]);   // Month         

         int DD=TimeDay(   Time[0]);   // Day

         int HH=TimeHour(  Time[0]);   // Hour         

         int MM=TimeMinute(Time[0]);   // Minute


         string now2=DD+"/0"+MN+"/"+YY;

       datetime ped=D'13.10.14 06:00';

  here my format is DD/MN/YY

how can i compare the date of two different formate.


Converts string to time  in the format " hh:mi" 

Any help much appreciated . 


kum01049 2014.08.30 10:24 #

Thanks Geeks for not answering i have found the coding.


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