Making multitimeframe charpictures

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PlanandTrade 2014.07.05 15:17


i want to make from a few currencys chartpictures from 9 timeframes. At moment i have for every timeframe open a own chart but the pc and metatrader become a little bit slower, because it coast him much power.

I want to ask you here, if somebody know a way to get/make chartpictures easyer, which does not coast the pc and metatrader so much power?

If i want to get for exampel just for 5 currencys all timeframe pictures, then i already must open more then 40 charts and with all  indicators on this chart, that makes the pc and metatrader very slow.

qjol 2014.07.06 00:18 #
reduce max bars
PlanandTrade 2014.07.06 11:04 #
reduce max bars

i have done that already, but i would like to have a better solution if possible. if you open 40 or more charts then it become to much for metatrader.

the indicators on chart are also not so much, the problem is just to much open charts coast to much PC power.

but if i dont open for every timeframe a chart, then i cannot create a screenshot from that timeframe or?

qjol 2014.07.07 02:38 #

if you just need a screenshot you can use something like this

for(int i = 0; i <= SymbolsTotal(false); i++)
   long ChrtID = ChartOpen(SymbolName(i, false),PERIOD_D1); //open the chart
   while (iClose(SymbolName(i, false),PERIOD_D1) != 0) // avoid error 4066
   WindowScreenShot(......); // take a ScreenShot
   ChartClose(ChrtID); // Close the chart

didn't checked or tested just the guideline

you can do it OnTimer

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