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obkocaman 2014.06.24 15:09

Good day. I would like to ask you the following question and request you to assist me on the matter: How can I call all information found in the terminal window to the main screen or show them in the

“Alert” window or assign them to variants when an order I have already submitted is ongoing?



drazen64 2014.06.24 17:04 #

Look at code example for OrdersTotal() function.

It writes order data to csv file. You can adapt that and build a string for alert:


  int handle=FileOpen("OrdersReport.csv",FILE_WRITE|FILE_CSV,"\t");
  if(handle<0) return(0);
  // write header
  FileWrite(handle,"#","open price","open time","symbol","lots");
  int total=OrdersTotal();
  // write open orders
  for(int pos=0;pos<total;pos++)
     if(OrderSelect(pos,SELECT_BY_POS)==false) continue;



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