How can i set an external datetime variable to the current time?

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bunnycat 2014.05.28 02:07

 Thee was an old topic from 2006 with this question, but it wasn't resolved.

 Is this even possible?  I have an external datetime that I want to be a user input as a string in the TIME_DATE|TIME_SECONDS (or TIME_MINUTES) format, but I want it to be preset to the current time so the user doesn't have to keep adjusting more than necessary.

 Thank you.

deysmacro 2014.05.28 05:29 #
Actually it can be done but you have to convert from a to b to c. Something like that. Basically, it is nuisance.
bunnycat 2014.05.28 21:32 #
Could anyone help with it?  Or could you point me in the right direction?   I couldn't figure it out reading the documentation.   Thanks =)

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