No comments in MT4 version of my EAs - new compiler problems

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angreeee 2014.05.20 12:44

When new MT4 terminal was in beta version, i could easily port all MQL5 apps to MQL4 without some major changes.

In the final release and releases after it - the MQL4 EAs do not have comments set up - they just display variable names. Anyone know why is that?

I'm attaching screenshots to show what i mean.

In MQL5 - comments are working

In old beta MQL4 compiler - comments are working

New MQL4 compiler (that is supposed to make code even more like compatible with MQL5) - comments are not working again.

It makes much more difficult to convert my MQL5 strategies to MQL4. I have instructions relating to names in COMMENTS not the names of variables.

Does anyone have any idea why is it like that and is there a way to add comments in new MQL compiler to MT4 programs?

MQL4 comments working

MQL5 comments working

MQL4 comments now not working

Why the regress?

angevoyageur 2014.05.20 17:19 #

Add the following line in top of your code :

#property strict
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