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ranyg 2014.05.19 10:42

dear friends

i posted about 2 weeks ago the problem that all custom indicators won't open.

I thought it depends on the new version 646.

But now i found out that with two platform providers,saxo and fxglobe, installed on my laptop they do work.

On my Pc with the same source of installfiles they do not work even after reinstalling or copiieng the files from the laptop to my Pc,disabling firewall and antivirus programms.

What could be the reason for this ?


ranyg 2014.05.19 14:33 #

one more detail

a custom indicator that was already integrated into a template, does work when i open the template,allthough the same indicator does not open on a new chart.

drazen64 2014.05.19 20:02 #

My first bet here would be cosmic radiation (covering computers with a thick layer of aluminum foil usually helps).

If that does not help, then you could check log files for errors.

If you don't/can't find errors, add some print statements in your code and look for them in the log file to see when the crash happens.

If this does not help either, the you can write here what debugging steps you made and what were the outcomes.

And finally, it is really hard to guess what's happening if you do not provide more details.

aka.trader 2014.06.14 22:45 #
have same problem look for solutions
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