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Ovo 2014.04.30 10:43 #
I noticed the orphan subwindows with some earlier build (perhaps 610 ?), but currently the subwindow disappears with its last indicator removed, and the following subwindows get renumbered.
angevoyageur 2014.04.30 10:47 #

Yes, although that is easily determined via the second parameter,

However that is not the issue, which is - I am still left with an empty sub-window.

EDIT: Seems that we have reached a dead end on this ie there does not appear to exist a function to remove orphaned sub-windows

However there appears to be a potential workaround using ChartApplyTemplate()

Some downsides are that EAs will have to be reloaded. So not an optimal solution

Probaly a better solution would have been to use CHART_WINDOW_IS_VISIBLE., unfortunately it is read only

Can you post some code to reproduce this issue please ?

rod178 2014.04.30 11:02 #
Can you post some code to reproduce this issue please ?

Finally resolved the issue. It seems that I required an additional ChartIndicatorDelete() before a loop to delete a remaining indicator in the sub window. Ovo's comment tipped me off to the problem.

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