Changing expert advisor settings (true/false) by clicking on the chart

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sunshineh 2014.04.25 14:47


what possibilities are given to active/deactive ea settings on the chart?

I found, that I can put buttons on the chart, now.

Is it also possible to "create" a clickbox or write ON / OFF on the chart and change the value by clicking on the string?

Are there examples for these functions?

qjol 2014.04.25 16:19 #
see here, here and here also check \\include\controls\CheckBox.mqh
sunshineh 2014.04.25 17:15 #
Thanks for your links!! Does this mean, that I can use every mt5-graphical object also with my mt4 account?
sunshineh 2014.04.25 18:35 #

Now I am testing the button functions.

I have created my button and want to change the button text.

I am changing the text with:


If I read the Text I am getting the right value, but the button isn't changing the text on the chart. (Only if I put string ObjectSetString(0,"Button_Testname",OBJPROP_TEXT,"Deinit"); in the deinit function).

I tried also the command ChartRedraw() after my command-string, but it doesn't help :-(

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