A token of appreciation

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cryptex 2014.04.10 19:42
It has been quite some time since i started on this forum. I began as a person who didn't want to code. perhaps due to my inhibitions i never bothered writing any piece of code on my own. over time i realized that the best way to get your self a better trading system is to code yourself. i started off with coding in MATLAB and then gradually moved to writing codes in MQL4. But trust me coding is no easy task. i have spent nights trying to understand the simplest of codes and functions. while i am still no expert programmer i think i have come a long way. this wouldn't have been possible with out the support of MQL4 forum members; especially RaptorUK, qjol and WHRoeder. i think the senior members and the moderators have done a nice job of maintaining the site. A big thanks to all of you.
qjol 2014.04.10 20:04 #
is it a speech for someone's funeral ?
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