TickData and the fxt-Files - change of policy?

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gooly 2014.04.04 22:22


while backtesting and optimizing I realized that something must have changed the way mt4 uses/handles the fxt-file - am I right?

I have created the fxt-file myself (Birt's script) and first I launched the mt4 by Tickstory Lite and I get what you see in the

left column: Modeling quality: 0.99 and Ticks modeled: 40684579 - Then I started the mt4 again directly and run the same EA with the same setup, same time (2 years) and I get the

right column: Modeling quality: n/a and Ticks modeled: 40684579 (same amount of ticks)?

2569336 2569336
40684579 40684579
0,99 n/a
0 0
10000 10000
5 5
8.352,36 € 8.353,95 €
10.780,00 € 10.781,79 €
-2.427,64 € -2.427,84 €
4,44 € 4,44 €
50,32 € 50,32 €

Having the same amount of ticks (40684579) does this mean the mt4 now (b628) uses the tickdata (fxt-file) even it was not created on the fly by itself? Must be - no?

As far as I remember if another program (TickStory, Bit's Earview) created the fxt-file mt4 refuses to use (file not found) it and has to be launched by one of the programs.


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