Bug with WinFile.mh4 library in Metatrader v.610

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trader33 2014.03.18 20:43


I had a Script from previous versions of metatrader working perfectly, but when the exact same code is compiled with the new updated version it don´t work anymore. The Script is 1H_arb.mq4 and its 1H_arb.ex4 (both attached)

It used to save the bid and ask of some symbols to a file in a folder in D:\.

The 1H_arb.ex4 attached file will work; but if 1H_arb.mq4 is compiled in the current version, the generated 1H_arb.ex4 would have a bug.

I am explaning the bug:

The WriteToFile() function of the library WinFile.mqh wont write, but it won´t show an error neither. They even report the return values as the files where written.

I think that is a compiler bug because I have tried with two different computers.

Any help will be appreciated and is quite urgent. Thanks in advance

Post script: Any other workaround which works to save data in folders out of metatraders's paths would be appreciated too.

Attached files:
  1h_arb.zip  (10.31 KB)
trader33 2014.03.18 21:58 #

Works!! Thank you my friend!

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