Bug mql4 build 616 - Dynamic Array of objects leaked in Expert

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angevoyageur 2014.03.14 17:35 #

I always thought a good test case was to try to reduce down to the minimal code that reproduces the error.. esp when reporting compiler bugs.

So I just got frustrated that in taking the time to do so, it got closed without any real assessment.

It's perfectly fine and sensible to have empty classes - for example when subclassing... the base class might be empty.

Anyway, I did already re-submit the code with the change below. (not the comment though!) I hope it now makes it sensible enough for MQ to improve thier product. I hope it doesn't get closed because the Expert does not do anything...

I understand and agree with your point, it's sometimes frustrating to report bugs. But from my experience they work primarily on "practical" bugs than on "theoretical" bugs, hope you see what I mean.
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