Mt4 Build 600 or Higher MinGw

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crn 2014.02.24 21:27


I using for development QtCreator and newwest MinGw. For Build 600 I didnt get any problem. After that build I got SEGFAULT when I try call any function.

I using def file;


extern "C"

int dll_test( MqlStr * str);

 int dll_test( MqlStr * str)
   return 0;

DllMain function is called. I got inforation when:

Anybod Could help?

Big regards
ydrol 2014.02.24 23:17 #
Hi see here
crn 2014.02.24 23:35 #

I used this struct ( i found this art)

struct MqlStr

    int len;
    wchar_t* string;
    int dummy; // for padding

Also in my function I dont call any obejct.pointers/etc from parameters

So that is mabye call convention?

Maybe __stdcall ls not correct for new build?

MT4 Code:
#import "pocBuild600.dll"
int dll_test(string &s);
Withoud any code (i try only logger/messagebox etc., print int to std,file,any action ) I got error of MT4 and terminated process.

Anybody have idea why?
micclly 2014.02.25 02:34 #

If you want to pass just a string, try to use wchar_t* instead of MqlStr.

string argument (in MQL) is not needed defined as string& but string.

If you want to pass back the string from dll into the argument, allocate ushort[] variable in mql and pass it to dll, and receive it as wchar_t* in dll side.

Add: you had pasted the src code and manually highlighted it? try to use SRC button in the toolbar of this form!

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