Issue with folders and saved MQL files

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MetaNt 2014.02.15 14:41

Last night my metatrader crashed and would not stop showing the "not responding message", so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, only to find that my experts and indicators were missing, this didn't worry me too greatly because as a rule I always save me EAs in another file, what bothers me is having to load my files back up.

When trying to investigate this issue, I found that my own projects were saved in ...appdata\roaming\ MetaQuotes........ why are they saved in appdata?

I don't usually run my metaeditor with admin privileges, is this the cause? Oddly enough I can still access my docs when I click metaeditor, but I can't access them if I click metaeditor via metatrader, this is the first time I have had a persistently malfunctioning MT4.

I would like to get my docs back onto metaeditor especially since I am working on an indicator and I am in the middle of testing it..

If anyone has any advice I would be much obliged if you share it, thanks.

MetaNt 2014.02.15 15:01 #

Well I've transferred the files over now, I had a habit of opening the metaeditor directly and this seems to be the reason behind my files not being saved into the MetaTrader folder.

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