FileWrite in strategy tester

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grafzero 2014.02.07 12:33

Hello guys

i have little problem with this code

void OnInit

OpenFile(xxx,FILE_WRITE||FILE_BIN );

OnTick or OnTimer i drop some data to array then




and thats working fine in expert adv. After removing expert from chart i can access my file and get the data i want.

Problem starts when i try to do this in system tester...

I tried to put FileClose() in all places like OnTester, OnDeinit even in some mql5 functions like OnTesterInit ect but when i start system testing i see that my file xxx is created and has 0 bytes but after when testing is done file is still 0 and i cant access to it or delete it so i assume that file is still open by the program and FileClose didnt work...

I have to close MT4 terminal to delete those files....

Any idea ?

ubzen 2014.02.07 14:46 #
Try contacting the service with additional information. Link.
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