ex4 to mq4

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deysmacro 2014.04.10 14:03 #
How about start to learn mql4 language? It would be your most worth and valuable time spent.
WHRoeder 2014.04.10 14:27 #
FrenchyTrader: What about I'm the owner of the strategy and the other guy was the coder.

Then you should have the code. That is what you are paying for. Near finished is irrelevant. You should not have accepted just the Ex4 nor paid for it. If you did pay, your coder broke your contract.

In any case, with the new build 600+ you can't decompile as the Ex4 is encrypted.

deysmacro 2014.04.10 14:43 #
I believe he doesn't pay. Just give strategy.
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