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pipper 2011.02.17 23:11
Hi folks,

Picked up this indicator on this forum. It's great.

However, my chart background is white and so white is the colour of the indicator background.

I would prefer if the indicator background colour was black to see it better and keep the chart background white. Is this possible?

Any help appreciated.

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  t_s_r-mtf-range-calculator.mq4  (10.31 KB)
brewmanz 2011.02.18 13:20 #

My understanding (and I might be wrong) is that the background colour is the same for all parts of the chart (chart or separate windows)

A work-around would be to open TWO charts, and set each with different backgrounds, and align them one above the other

Or just change the object colours in your indicator - maybe change literal names in pgm to extern color values?

LorraineP 2015.04.27 14:54 #

I could change background to black on my iPhone, but do not see the option on my new iPad mini. 

I hate white backgrounds!

Anyone know a solution?  

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